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Certified Mail 101

Everything you need to know about certified mail for business

Solution Presentation

Why e-Certify is the certified mail solution for you

Case Studies

Collection Agency Achieves High Degree of Mailing Automation and Efficiency with ConnectSuite Solutions

"The collection agency’s process for creating and managing certified mail is now easy, powerfully automatic, and cleanly integrated into its workflow."

State Court System Boosts Mailing Efficiency and Automation with ConnectSuite e-Certify

"...ConnectSuite’s team worked closely with the state court’s senior project manager to implement and configure the solution. The state court was able to continue to focus on matters of high value without needing to redesign its own case management system as ConnectSuite focused on fluidly integrating e-Certify."

ConnectSuite e-Certify Enables Law Firm to Fully Leverage the Power of Automated Certified Mail

"While simultaneously reducing inefficiencies and maximizing visibility of mail piece information, e-Certify enables the law firm to fully leverage the power and benefits of certified mail for business."