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The most efficient way to send certified mail

Eliminate the manual process and old-fashioned forms

Traditionally, preparing certified mail required filling out forms by hand, filing the receipts, and waiting days for green cards to be returned in the mail after delivery. e-Certify eliminates all that complexity and replaces it with a simple, streamlined process for your certified mail. Replace handwritten forms with a clean banner page that's displayed in a window envelope or a simple label that's affixed to the outside. Leave cumbersome green cards behind, and start leveraging the power of the USPS electronic return receipt, allowing you to receive a digital copy of the recipient's signature as legal proof of delivery.

Create certified mail with an intuitive, web-based interface

e-Certify's user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate. The simple workflow allows you to create a single piece or a batch of pieces with just a few clicks from anywhere, at any time. Allow others to create mail pieces by adding as many users as you need, and separate users into departments and locations to control access and capabilities. Generate reports and exception snapshots instantly to analyze piece details and history.

Save money with the USPS electronic return receipt

In addition to saving you time by eliminating the need to manually fill out green cards, the electronic return receipt saves you money. Save $1.25 on every piece you send by switching to the electronic return receipt, a form of proof of delivery designed by the USPS to carry the same legal status as the green card.

Cost of 1 oz. Letter

Green Card e-Certify
First-Class Postage $0.63 $0.63
Certified Mail Fee $4.15 $4.15
Return Receipt Fee $3.35 $2.10
Total $8.13 $6.88

Centralized tracking and secure signature storage

Previously, tracking mail pieces required manually entering long tracking numbers, and retrieving a signature required digging through cabinets with hundreds of cluttered files. e-Certify allows you to easily locate, view, and download your electronic return receipts with simple search features and an intuitive interface. All files are securely stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere, at any time.

State Court System Boosts Mailing Efficiency and Automation with ConnectSuite e-Certify

“A very large southeastern state court system is tasked with notifying thousands of people of their upcoming court cases every week. Certified mail is an essential tool for this process. To eliminate the need to send a representative into the field for notification purposes, the state court leverages the USPS Certified Mail service for its mail pieces, providing high visibility into chain of custody and a signed return receipt that is admissible in court.”

Built for teams of all types and all sizes

Unlimited users

Easily add additional users to your company to allow others to use e-Certify and create mail pieces. When users require varying levels of access to various pages and settings, admins can create and manage groups of non-admin users to ensure everyone has appropriate access.

Multiple locations

Whether you have more than one return address, multiple drop ZIP Codes for your mail pieces, or employees working remotely, e-Certify was built to effectively manage these complexities. Create locations for your company and assign users to those locations to control access, organize mail pieces, and maximize efficiency.

Separate departments

Separate users even further by creating departments within your company. Then, assign users to those departments to control access, organize mail pieces, and maximize efficiency.

Remote access

e-Certify is web-based and can be accessed with any major browser, meaning you can send and manage your certified mail from anywhere, at any time. Create pieces, access proof of deliveries, and generate reports anywhere you have an internet connection.

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