e-Certify Release Notes

New features, bug fixes, and more

We’re constantly reviewing your feedback, adding features, and fine-tuning e-Certify to create a better user experience. See what’s new by exploring the updates below! Have a feature you would like to see in a future release? Leave your feedback on the Feature Request page in e-Certify.


Version 4.98

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Buttons that used the word “Import” now use the word “Upload” instead for consistent verbiage throughout e-Certify
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where the checkboxes on the Tracking Label edit page appeared incorrectly formatted
    • Fixed an issue where buttons on the Users page, Permission Groups page, and Mailroom page were formatted incorrectly

Version 4.97

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • The POD History page has been added to the list of pages in permission groups. This enables admins to configure access to the page for any given permission group.
    • Added an additional field to the user address section called “Company Name 2.” This acts as an additional address line for users that need it.
    • Added the ability for users to edit their user address and notification email within the My Profile page
    • Changed the name of the Data Import tile in the control panel to Data Upload. The names and descriptions of the tiles on the Data Upload page were also updated for clarity.
    • Updated the sample upload file for batch mail piece creation to reflect the new postage value of $0.51
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where LastPass was not working on the e-Certify sign-in page.
    • Fixed an issue where the contact email field on the location edit page was not visible. Previously, you could assign a contact email to a location when uploading a file, but the field was not visible on the location edit page. This has been resolved.
    • Fixed an issue where setting the font size to 10 or greater on the tracking labels edit page resulted in the font size not being displayed.

Version 4.96

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added a column for a notification email on the upload file for batch mail piece creation
      • Download the new sample file here.
      • Learn more about how this new column works here.
    • Added a filter on the Mail Queue page that allows users to filter based on banner page view status (mail pieces for which the banner page has been viewed or not viewed)
    • Reformatted and moved the Submit Pieces to the USPS button on the Mail Queue page to improve clarity and usability
    • Reformatted the style of various buttons for clarity and consistency

Version 4.95

  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where the Create Defaults button on the Permission Groups page was not generating the three default permission groups
    • Fixed an issue where the chat bar on the Mailroom page was formatted incorrectly
    • Removed an extra check mark in the Show/Hide Columns control on the Mailroom page that was not correlated with anything

Version 4.94

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added the ability to set multiple emails as your user notification email by separating them with a semicolon
      • Example: user@email.com;user@email.com
      • Learn more about your user notification email here.
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue in ConnectSuite Automate where invalid characters in the department name were causing issues with downloading some PODs since the department name was being used for the folder macro
    • Fixed an issue where changing the return reference number field name in custom field settings was not affecting the label on the Create Tracking page, Piece Search page, or Banner Page
    • Fixed address parser issue where 4 digit ZIP Codes were being accepted
      • Added functionality that looks at the state in the address and whether or not the state contains ZIP Codes with zero as the first digit. A zero is then appended to the front of four digit ZIP Codes accordingly.
    • Fixed an issue in ConnectSuite Automate where some customers’ environments were timing out during tracking submit, so functionality was added to decrease the processing block size to prevent future timeouts

Version 4.92

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Changed all mentions of “table” controls to “grid” controls for consistency and clarity
    • Updated the name “Online Documentation” in the left navigation bar to “Help Center”
    • Updated contact info in e-Certify emails to us.softwaresupport@quadient.com
  • Issues Fixed
    • When changing the tracking label on the Create Tracking page and saving, the correct banner page would display in the Mail Queue, but it would revert back to the previous tracking label generated by the mailing profile after submitting the piece to the USPS. As a result, the Mail Queue page and the Piece Search page would display different banner pages for the same piece. This has been resolved.

Version 4.90

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Updated ConnectSuite logo in e-Certify emails
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where some users were not seeing items in their Mail Queue right away due to the overview date filter

Version 4.89

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Docutransfer: Added support for Mail.Dat 21-1
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where the User Settings page redirected users to the homepage instead of the previous page upon clicking save
    • Updated contact email located at the bottom of e-Certify emails to us.ecertify-support@quadient (previously css-support.neopost.com)

Version 4.88

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added “Delete All Expired Mail Pieces” button in the Mail Queue (only shows if there are expired mail pieces)
    • Made the return reference number field label editable
    • Updated all custom field name labels to accept up to 25 characters (including return reference number)
    • Traveler page (checkbox in create tracking label) now allows for custom fields 6-10