e-Certify Release Notes

We're constantly reviewing your feedback, adding features, and fine-tuning e-Certify to create a better user experience. See what's new by exploring the updates below!




  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • CS e-Certify- Added Custom Fields 6-10 to POD second page (enhanced POD)
    • CS e-Certify- Added functionality to make Departments/Locations required field on Create Tracking page. Require location/department on mail piece added to company settings.
    • CS e-Certify- Modified order of data upload so mail pieces appear in the mail queue in the same order they do in the source file when uploading a bulk mailing job.
    • CS e-Certify- Changed invalid login protocols. New protocols dictate that 6 failed login attempts within 12 hours will result in that IP address being locked out for 12 hours (can be reset by KT Admin).
  • Issues Fixed
    • CS e-Certify- PODs missing due to USPS internal issue have been manually processed and delivered to users.
  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • CS e-Certify- Add locationkey and departmentkey to source file for bulk upload. This allows users to assign pieces to Locations and Departments by including the necessary data in the file used for the bulk upload.
    • CS e-Certify- Added Historical Piece Report with user info.
    • CS e-Certify- Shipping Services File missing Priority Mail package sizes. Added weight, height, and length to SSF.
    • CS e-Certify- Piece Extra Services visible in Mailroom Queue like they are on Piece Search page.
    • CS e-Certify- Added Created date and Sent to Mailroom Queue date columns to Mailroom Queue.
  • Issues Fixed
    • CS e-Certify- Job confirmation page not displaying firmbook through https. Customers would have to go through advanced settings to view mailing documents because some would be a secured connection and others were not. Added code to look at website url on job confirmation page so all documents were connected via https.
  • Issues Fixed
    • CS- POA emails were showing accepted time of 8:23:00 PM regardless of actual time piece was accepted. Issue was converting 24 hour time to 12 hour time. (Fixed 1/26/24)
    • Reports used to show 1/1/1800 as placeholder for missing USPS data. Customers were confused by this, so we now blank out date/times where USPS data is missing (we now show empty string in report)
    • CS- eDelivery Email exception report not displaying. Issue was corrected with email exception queries 1/25/24.
    • CS-eDelivery – support requests sending to wrong email address. Changed support email address to [email protected]. (Used to be [email protected])
    • CSA-403 forbidden after several successful POD downloads. Modified POD Download code in CSA to treat each request as single transaction. Certain firewalls didn’t like the way we were making requests, (they were taking longer than 45 seconds), new request method will stay within allowed time.



  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Change ‘Certified Mail Job’ to ‘Job Details’ on View Job Details page
      • Jobs/History page > View Job Details > page that comes up refers to all jobs as Certified Mail jobs, even if the job was Certificate of Mailing. Changing the text highlighted in the attached screenshot will work for either CM or CoM jobs.
    • Add Quadient Technical Support Contact Info
      • Add Quadient Technical Support contact info to Help Center or somewhere it can be accessed by users who need to order more envelopes, labels, etc.
    • Certificate Of Mail changes forms, article number
      • do not print PS5630 if we have all COM pieces in a job
      • update article number for COM pieces – do not use impb tracking number
      • do not submit a job with only COM pieces.
      • CSA upload
    • Increase number of address lines on banner page from 4 to 8
    • Change COM piece status from Mailed to Complete on Piece Search page
    • Add Frequently Asked Questions to support link left nav
    • Add Tracking/Article number to Piece Search / manual queue page column title
      • Updated column titles to reflect “Tracking/Article Number”
    • Remove Firm-specific Identifier numbers from PS Form 3665
      • Add ability in company settings to hide Firm-specific Identifier numbers on PS Form 3665. Number will still get generated, and can be searched in e-Certify, but will not appear on firm book for CoM jobs.
    • Add ability to resend welcome email to customer and send to Quadient.
      • Under Accounting Admin in Control Panel
    • Add ability to filter by dept, location and user in Address Book
    • Add ‘Select Return Address’ to Create Tracking Page.
      • Add a dropdown that allows users to choose the return address (stored in System Address Manager) for a piece on the create tracking page.
    • Allow users to upload round dated ps3877 to job
      • On Job Details screen (from Jobs/History page)
    • Tracking button disabled for Certificate Of Mailing pieces.


  • Issues Fixed
    • Users switched from Smart Meter to Other Meter for mailing profile payment method to avoid INVALID METHOD OF PAYMENT warning from USPS.
    • Impress is passing weight with zero page count which is making cascading profiles not working correctly- added support to look at piece weight if page count =0.


  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Bulk upload success message appears green, not red.
    • USPS rate increase goes into effect 7/9/23. Necessary changes made to reflect increase in e-Certify.


  • Issues Fixed
    • Tracking labels not being displayed under tracking label dropdown when creating a new mail piece.
    • New credit purchases set to default to 12:00 to correct errors in credit reports.
    • System default tracking labels visible on tracking label page.


  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Add share address check box to create tracking page to allow users to make address book entry shared.
    • Mailing profile edit – sort tracking label drop down alphabetically (used to be sorted by added date).
  • Issues Fixed
    • Upgraded to .net v4.7.2
    • Edit tracking label – Increase tracking label name, label size and barcode widths. Names were getting cut off on tracking label edit page.

Version 4.138

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Users are now allowed to edit the “User Full Name” and “Notification Email Address” fields for the _ADMIN user (the user automatically generated when the company is created)
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where banner pages were not downloading from the Piece Search page if the pieces used Traveler labels
    • Fixed an issue where some Address Book items could not be deleted

Version 4.132

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added a checkbox to the Create Tracking page that allows any address added to the Address Book from the Create Tracking page to be public automatically. 
  • Issues Fixed
    • When clicking “Created Date” in the grid control to sort by ascending or descending date, it was not sorting properly. It will now sort by month.


Version 4.131

  • Issues Fixed
    • Some companies using Impress Automate were seeing duplicate custom field labels on their documents and on the Pieces page. This has been resolved.

Version 4.130

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added the ability to download up to 50 banner pages at once from the Piece Search page. To do this, simply select multiple pieces on the Piece Search page and click “Download Banner Pages.”

Version 4.129

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added Page Count column to Mail Queue upload file. Files without a Page Count column can still be uploaded.
    • Changed “In-Transit” status to “Mailed” for Certificate of Mailing pieces. This is a more accurate label since Certificate of Mailing pieces do not come with tracking.
    • Added the mailing services associated with the piece (Certified Mail, Electronic Return Receipt, etc) to the tracking history window

Version 4.124

  • Issues Fixed
    • Updated the sample upload file for batch mail piece creation to reflect the most recent USPS price change
    • Fixed an issue where the text in the table on the submit to USPS confirmation page would not be visible after highlighting a row
    • Fixed an issue where the documents on the submit to USPS confirmation page would not download when the browser settings were set to download PDFs automatically. This issue only affected Chrome and Edge browsers.

Version 4.122

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added an optional Mail Stop field to PS Form 3877 that appears right above the return address. There are two ways to add something to the Mail Stop field:
      • From the Jobs/History page, click the gear icon next to a job. The Mail Stop field will be at the bottom.
      • From the My Profile page, scroll down to the Certified Mail Job Settings box, and enter a value in the Mail Stop Field. This will auto-populate the Mail Stop field for every job you create.
    • Added safeguards that make it more likely for users to receive a POD when the piece in e-Certify was submitted to the USPS after the mail piece was entered into the mail stream or delivered.
      • Note that it is best practice to submit pieces to the USPS from the Mail Queue before entering them into the mail stream. This is the only way to guarantee that the USPS has everything they need to return tracking events and a POD.

Version 4.117

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • You now have the ability to add two custom fields to PS Form 3665
    • Changed how addresses appear on the 3877 and 3665 so the font size is larger and the address takes up more lines to improve readability. If an address has many characters, the font size will shrink to accommodate it.
    • Improved the speed of adding address info with the “Lookup” button when creating a mailing in the Mailroom.
    • Added a “Clear Mail List” button when creating a mailing in the Mailroom. This allows a user to delete all pieces in a mailing at once rather than having to delete them one by one.
    • Improved the way pieces are displayed when creating a mailing in the Mailroom. Now, you don’t have to scroll to see every piece when creating a large mailing.
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue with ConnectSuite Automate where the amount of PODs returned to a company in a single day was being limited to 250. That limit has been removed.

Version 4.113

  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where the mailed date on PS Form 3877 was showing in UTC time instead of the user’s local time. The form will now show the user’s local time.
    • Fixed an issue where one job was not generating a tracking barcode when being processed with OMS. This issue had an extremely low possibility of happening, and there were no instances of the issue until very recently. It has now been resolved.
    • Fixed an issue in ConnectSuite Automate where the tracking event download action was not pulling all events consistently.

Version 4.112

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added a Return to Sender stamp to the Enhanced POD for pieces with a status of Return to Sender. This is configurable in your company settings and disabled by default.
    • Added a phone number field to the user edit page
    • Changed the name of the “Add to Address Book” checkbox to “Add or Update My Address Book”. This name is more accurate because when you select an item from the address book lookup, then edit that address and select the “Add or Update My Address Book” checkbox, e-Certify will update that address rather than create a new one.
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where selecting the “Add or Update My Address Book” checkbox was not saving the address when using the “Save and Create Similar” button in conjunction


Version 4.109

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added the ability to change the return address during mail piece creation. You can add alternate return addresses via the System Address Manager. Note that this feature is disabled by default but can be enabled in your company settings.
    • Increased the character limit for custom fields on the user edit page from 20 to 150, and the fields have been made slightly wider.
    • When using the Address Book Lookup button during mail piece creation, addresses are now sorted alphabetically by the first line of the address.
    • The address lines have been replaced with an address block when adding a new address to your address book.

Version 4.108

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Updated the sample upload file for batch mail piece creation to reflect the new postage value of $0.53
    • Moved the piece article number on PS Form 3665 (for Certificate of Mailing pieces) from the “USPS Tracking Number” field to the “Firm-specific Identifier” field

Version 4.104

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • POA and POD emails are now enabled when utilizing OMS to process pieces

Version 4.102

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Increased the number of items you can display in a grid by adding options for 250 and 500 items
    • You can now see how many items you have selected on the Mail Queue, Address Book, and Mailroom pages at the bottom of the grid
  • Issues Fixed
    • Added back the “Select all” and “Unselect all” buttons on the Mail Queue page
    • You will no longer receive POA emails for Certificate of Mailing pieces. Certificate of Mailing pieces are not entitled to POA or POD emails. Rather, PS Form 3665 acts as the POA/receipt for those pieces.

Version 4.101

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added an “Export User File” button to the Users page. This allows you to export and view all the user data for your company. Find the new button at the bottom of the page.
    • Adjusted grid column headers on various pages for consistency and clarity
      • Changed “Address” to “Recipient” on the My Mail Queue page
      • Changed “Date” to “Created Date” on the Envelope Definitions page
      • Changed “Address” to “Recipient” on the Mailroom page
      • Changed “Created” to “Created Date” on the Jobs/History page
      • Changed “ID” to “Job ID” on the Jobs/History page
      • Changed “Entry ZIP” to “Drop ZIP Code” on the Jobs/History page
    • Changed “Return Receipt” to “Electronic Return Receipt” on the Create Tracking page and Mailing Profile edit page for clarity
    • Changed references to “Tracking Label” to “Banner Page” in the view filter on the My Mail Queue page for consistency and clarity
    • Changed the name of the “Proof of Delivery Document Options” box to “Enhanced Proof of Delivery Document Options” in company settings for clarity
    • Changed the name of the “Print Mailing Label” button to “Download Banner Page” on the Create a Mailing page within the Mailroom for consistency and clarity
    • The grid on the Mail Queue page now features multiple pages when there are many pieces rather than listing them all on one long page. This makes navigation easier and prevents users from needing to scroll for a long time to find a piece.
    • Removed the “Select all” and “Unselect all” buttons on the Mail Queue page and replaced them with a checkbox in the grid header
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where assigning the location/department display filter to a user was not filtering data correctly in some instances
    • Fixed an issue where text was running off of the second page of the Enhanced POD in some instances
    • Fixed an issue where the column headers and column data were not lining up on the Piece Info Report
    • Expanded the boxes on the My Profile page so the user address fields fit more appropriately

Version 4.99

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • The Reports page will now remember which report type was ran last, and the dropdown will default to that report. This prevents you from having to manually change the report type if you run the same one frequently.
    • Added the ability to clone a location
    • Moved the Download Banner Pages button on the Mail Queue page back to the top right for clarity
  • Issues Fixed
    • Clicking the Help Center option in the left navigation bar now opens a new tab like it did before
    • Fixed an issue where the Printer Certification page was using non-USPS compliant barcode labels to create test labels

Version 4.98

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Buttons that used the word “Import” now use the word “Upload” instead for consistent verbiage throughout e-Certify
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where the checkboxes on the Tracking Label edit page appeared incorrectly formatted
    • Fixed an issue where buttons on the Users page, Permission Groups page, and Mailroom page were formatted incorrectly

Version 4.97

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • The POD History page has been added to the list of pages in permission groups. This enables admins to configure access to the page for any given permission group.
    • Added an additional field to the user address section called “Company Name 2.” This acts as an additional address line for users that need it.
    • Added the ability for users to edit their user address and notification email within the My Profile page
    • Changed the name of the Data Import tile in the control panel to Data Upload. The names and descriptions of the tiles on the Data Upload page were also updated for clarity.
    • Updated the sample upload file for batch mail piece creation to reflect the new postage value of $0.51
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where LastPass was not working on the e-Certify sign-in page.
    • Fixed an issue where the contact email field on the location edit page was not visible. Previously, you could assign a contact email to a location when uploading a file, but the field was not visible on the location edit page. This has been resolved.
    • Fixed an issue where setting the font size to 10 or greater on the tracking labels edit page resulted in the font size not being displayed.

Version 4.96

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added a column for a notification email on the upload file for batch mail piece creation
      • Download the new sample file here.
      • Learn more about how this new column works here.
    • Added a filter on the Mail Queue page that allows users to filter based on banner page view status (mail pieces for which the banner page has been viewed or not viewed)
    • Reformatted and moved the Submit Pieces to the USPS button on the Mail Queue page to improve clarity and usability
    • Reformatted the style of various buttons for clarity and consistency

Version 4.95

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added the ability to select a return address for a mailing profile. This allows you to set the return address for all mail pieces you create with any given mailing profile. Learn more about this new option here.
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where the Create Defaults button on the Permission Groups page was not generating the three default permission groups
    • Fixed an issue where the chat bar on the Mailroom page was formatted incorrectly
    • Removed an extra check mark in the Show/Hide Columns control on the Mailroom page that was not correlated with anything

Version 4.94

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added the ability to set multiple emails as your user notification email by separating them with a semicolon
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue in ConnectSuite Automate where invalid characters in the department name were causing issues with downloading some PODs since the department name was being used for the folder macro
    • Fixed an issue where changing the return reference number field name in custom field settings was not affecting the label on the Create Tracking page, Piece Search page, or Banner Page
    • Fixed address parser issue where 4 digit ZIP Codes were being accepted
      • Added functionality that looks at the state in the address and whether or not the state contains ZIP Codes with zero as the first digit. A zero is then appended to the front of four digit ZIP Codes accordingly.
    • Fixed an issue in ConnectSuite Automate where some customers’ environments were timing out during tracking submit, so functionality was added to decrease the processing block size to prevent future timeouts

Version 4.92

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Changed all mentions of “table” controls to “grid” controls for consistency and clarity
    • Updated the name “Online Documentation” in the left navigation bar to “Help Center”
    • Updated contact info in e-Certify emails to [email protected]
  • Issues Fixed
    • When changing the tracking label on the Create Tracking page and saving, the correct banner page would display in the Mail Queue, but it would revert back to the previous tracking label generated by the mailing profile after submitting the piece to the USPS. As a result, the Mail Queue page and the Piece Search page would display different banner pages for the same piece. This has been resolved.

Version 4.90

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Updated ConnectSuite logo in e-Certify emails
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where some users were not seeing items in their Mail Queue right away due to the overview date filter

Version 4.89

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Docutransfer: Added support for Mail.Dat 21-1
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where the User Settings page redirected users to the homepage instead of the previous page upon clicking save
    • Updated contact email located at the bottom of e-Certify emails to us.ecertify-support@quadient (previously css-support.neopost.com)

Version 4.88

  • Enhancements/Features Added
    • Added “Delete All Expired Mail Pieces” button in the Mail Queue (only shows if there are expired mail pieces)
    • Made the return reference number field label editable
    • Updated all custom field name labels to accept up to 25 characters (including return reference number)
    • Traveler page (checkbox in create tracking label) now allows for custom fields 6-10