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The My Profile page houses settings for your personal e-Certify profile. Here you can adjust settings for items such as your homepage, notifications, and mail piece creation.

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Edit profile settings

My Information: Edit your user address (to be used as your sender/return address) and notification email. See sender/return address information below for more details.

Manage Favorites: Add and remove items from your Favorites menu in the left navigation bar.

Notification Settings: Enable or disable job accepted and job rejected emails. Both are enabled by default. See an example of a job accepted email here.

Set My Homepage: Set the default homepage for your profile.

Homepage Shortcuts: Add and remove shortcuts from your homepage. By default, the My Mail Queue, Piece Search, and Reports shortcuts are enabled.

Certified Mail Job Settings: The Mail Stop field is an optional field you can populate for each job you create. The field will appear right above your return address on PS Form 3877. Entering a value here will auto-populate the Mail Stop field for every job you create.

Create Tracking Settings: Adjust settings for Mail Piece Creation.

Change Password: Changing your password requires you to sign out of e-Certify.

Sender/return address information

Your sender/return address is used in the following places:

  • The sender/return address on the banner page
  • The Name and Address of Sender field on PS Form 3877
  • The Shipped From fields on PS Form 5630

The address used in these places is pulled from the following, in this order:

    • Return address selected within mailing profile
    • User address
    • Location address
      • Location selected during mail piece creation
      • Location selected within mailing profile
    • Company address

Video Tutorials

How to edit your profile settings (2:06)

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