Envelope Definition Manager


The Envelope Definition Manager is only applicable for users utilizing web services. By default, ConnectSuite’s solutions will use the weight of standard envelopes and 8.5″ x 11″ paper to calculate postage for your mail piece. However, if you need a more precise calculation according to your own envelope and paper specifications, use the Envelope Definition Manager. Define the exact weight of your materials by creating an envelope definition, then associate your envelope definition with a mailing profile. Learn more about configuring Mailing Profiles.

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View envelope definitions

New Department: Create a new department.

Edit an existing envelope definition.

Delete an existing envelope definition.

Clone an existing envelope definition.

Create a new envelope definition

Envelope Definition Name: Name of the envelope definition

Envelope Definition Envelope/Package Weights

  • Envelope Weight: Define the weight of one envelope.
  • Tracking Label Weight: Define the weight of one piece of paper used for the tracking label (banner page).
  • All Other Pages: Define the weight of one piece of paper used for all other pages.
  • Max Pages: Set a maximum number of pages to restrict the number of pages that can go in one mail piece. If left at 0, the page count will be ignored, and no restriction will be applied.

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How to use the Envelope Definition Manager (1:55)

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