Permission Groups


When users in your company require varying levels of access to various pages and settings in e-Certify, admins can use the Permission Groups page to grant appropriate access to groups of non-admin users.

Explore Features

View permission groups

New Permission Group: Create a new permission group.

Create Defaults: Create 3 default permission groups (Admin, Manager, and User) to get started.

Edit an existing permission group.

Assign users to a permission group.

Delete an existing permission group.

Create a new permission group

Name: Name of the permission group. This is the name that will appear when assigning users to permission groups on the Users page.

Description: A short description of the permission group

Unique Key: This field is used when uploading users. Upload users via the Users page or the Data Upload page.


  • View: Allow users to view the page.
  • Modify: Allow users to edit items on the page.
  • Delete: Allow users to delete items on the page.
  • Note: A user must be able to view a page in order to modify and delete items on that page.

Video Tutorials

How to set up and use Permission Groups (2:49)

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