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We are guided by the belief that work-life balance is crucial to long-term employee engagement, and empowering employees to focus on core business activities rather than administrative processes leads to higher performing organizations.

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To eliminate manual, redundant back-office processes with intuitive, purpose-built platforms

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Simplify the creation and management of your certified mail

e-Certify eliminates the manual process and old-fashioned forms and allows you to create, track, and manage your certified mail with an intuitive, web-based interface. Leave cumbersome green cards behind and start saving money on every piece you send with the USPS electronic return receipt. Centralized tracking and secure signature storage means e-Certify houses all things certified mail, from up-to-date tracking information to a full archive of your proof of deliveries. e-Certify's deep set of features and functionality means it's built to integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

e-Certify interface


Enhance e-Certify with next-level automation

Automate brings an even higher degree of efficiency and productivity to your certified mail process by enhancing e-Certify with advanced automation tools. Create batches of hundreds or thousands of pieces rapidly, right in your local environment. Automatically retrieve and download proof of deliveries in bulk and receive timely tracking information reports and piece data according to your needs.


Powerful on-demand address validation and correction

e-Validate is a powerful, user-friendly, web-based address correction service that allows you to validate and correct customer addresses in a few simple clicks - no downloads or training required. Let e-Validate do the hard work in three easy steps; upload your contact list, map your data, and submit your file to be cleansed. Address information is verified against the USPS database, and incorrect data is identified and automatically corrected.


Effectively manage your multi-channel communications

e-Preference is a simple, yet powerful cloud-based solution that helps you manage your customers’ preferences for traditional mail or digital communications as it relates to important business communications. Increase visibility into your communications by tracking delivery status in real time, and decrease costs with one-click paperless enrollment. Plus, promote faster payment of invoices with simplified electronic payment capabilities.